Tips on Having a Successful Open House

Tips on Having a Successful Open House

Conducting an open house is one of the most important steps in selling a house. Having prospective buyers see and feel the actual house would make a great impact on the house’s sale potential, not to mention its value.

However, having an open house does not only mean opening the door and letting strangers walk right in. If selling a house fast is in one’s mind, it should always be noted that staging an open house always requires enough knowledge and preparation.

Make the House Presentable

Open houses are meant to attract people into buying a certain house. And it comes without saying that nobody wants to buy an unappealing house. For this reason, it is essential to make sure that everything inside and outside the house is cleaned and tidied. Moreover, to maximize a house’s market appeal, certain house improvements could also be made.


To attract as much serious buyers as possible, making people know that an open house will be held should not be neglected.

In advertising an open house, owners should not forget to use technology. Various websites with open house announcements can be utilized to gain maximum visibility. Furthermore, going low-tech is also important. Handing out fliers, placing posters, or even putting up open house signs one week before the event are great ways to target local buyers.

Be Absent

Owners selling a house fast may be somewhat hesitant to let strangers get into their houses. Because of this, some may even stay and hover around visitors during open houses. This is a common mistake. To increase a house’s sale potential, visitors need to imagine themselves living in the house. Having them see the owner inside the house would only make them think that the house could not be theirs. Furthermore, it could also be perceived as being pushy in making sales, a definite negative in terms of getting offers.

Choose the Right Day and Hour

Open houses should always be conducted during weekends. This is the only time that buyers are free, as weekdays are allocated for work. As for the time, open houses are recommended to be done from 3pm to 5pm. Most open houses are staged at morning to noon, so having them in the afternoon would mean less competition.

Furthermore, during mornings, viewers usually plan on going from one house to another. Because of this eagerness to visit all houses, visitors usually just speed through a house without having serious considerations. At afternoon, if people are still visiting houses, they must really be considering to buy a house fast.

Offer Food

Food attracts people. Sure, it may attract less-serious buyers but serving food in an open house would also attract those who really do want a house fast. Moreover, selling a house fast requires one to shell out a little bit of money so spending some on food should not be minded.

All in all, selling a house fast does not mean that it should be done carelessly. Open houses, even though it takes a lot of preparation to be conducted, may mean the difference between selling a house and not getting offers.

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